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Light and Photobiomodulation


What does light have to do with health?

Maybe more than you thought!

Photobiomodulation: The study of the effects of light on biological systems

Mitochondria repair:

We are back where we started

Photobiomodulation (PBM) describes the use of red or near-infrared light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue that has either been injured, is degenerating, or else is at risk of dying (Hamblin, 2016)

Mitochonrdria=ATP production=Cellular Energy Use

Low-level visible red to near infrared light energy is absorbed by our mitochondria and then is responsible for converting into ATP for our use! 

What does this mean?

  • We can increase ATP (energy) production through sunlight exposure (all colors of the spectrum)

    • This occurs especially through our eyes (retinal pigment epithelium) and on the surface of our skin.​

  • There is evidence to suggest that light can help us heal and repair--through the mitochondria, of course​

  • While sunlight exposure is the full-spectrum of colors, if using low-level light therapy (LLLT) make sure you are using the correct wavelength: 633nm(red light)-810nm(infrared light).

Tips for Photobiomodulation/Light Hacking:

  1. Get adequate sunlight exposure-minimum of 15 minutes per day, without glasses, preferably in the morning.

  2. Limit over-exposure to blue light (i.e., "junk light"; e.g., cell phones, computers, televisions, tablets, poor indoor lighting).

    • Biohack tip: The antidote to blue light is red light. Try setting up a red LED light in your home or office that points right at you when you are surrounded by junk light.​

    • Biohack tip: Not all blue light is need some. You just want to avoid over-exposure, which is extremely easy in our modern day lifestyle.

  3. Replace your indoor fluorescent and bright LED bulbs w/ incandescent, halogen, or even candles!

    • Biohack tip: At night time, make sure lights are warm but dim--maybe even try using red colored LEDs--this tells the brain and body, "Time to sleep!"​

  4. Wear eye protection and skin protection when.....indoors!​

    • Biohack tip: Check out TrueDark Daywalkers and Twighlights by Dave Asprey. These things are a life saver! Use coupon code: DocWiles for a discount!​

    • Remember the skin is a primary conductor of light? Try wearing long sleeves when surrounded by junk light.

  5. Photobiomodulation technology is your friend!​

    • Check out the VieLight system.                  These are intranasal low-level light therapy systems.​ Use coupon code: DocWiles for 10% off!

    • Check out the HumanCharger, especially if you travel. Blue light is not always your enemy!

    • Check out RubyLux bulbs for LLLT

    • Check out the JOOVV system

  6. Remember, nothing replaces sunlight! Get outdoors and get some full-spectrum light---UV included! ​


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