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The healing power of Earth

Mental, physical, and cognitive performance linked with water intake and cold exposure?

You bet!

Want an inexpensive and highly documented method for improving well-being?

Dive into the healing power of cold and water!


​Why is water needed and helpful for mental and physical well-being?

1. It Nourishes and Replenishes: We are water...60% to be exact. The brain...75%! The body is filled with water and desperately needs it. Without does not function properly.

2. Mitochondria and cells thrive on water!: Remember those battery packs in our cells that you learned about before that are essential to our well-being? You know...the ones that determine function vs. dysfunction? If about them here! Our cells are full of water and need more of it. Water is another energy source!

  • Check out the fascinating research of Dr. Gerald Pollack on the discovery of the fourth phase of water or Exclusion Zone (EZ) Water. This is a negative net charge water that can hold and deliver energy! Click here to check out an article by Dr. Mercola and TedTalk by Dr. Pollack himself!

3. Dehydration is no joke: We are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration leads to reduced blood flow circulation in the brain. This results in lower levels of oxygen and in cognitive decline. Want faster cognitive performance? Stay hydrated. 

4. Quantity is important, but never as much as quantity: Once again, just like food, quality is the most important factor. What kind of water do we want? One that is pure, free of toxins, alkaline, limited in deuterium (heavy hydrogen), and EZ! 

8 Simple Biohacking Rules of Water

1. Aim to get in 1x gallon/day

2. Filter your water: Invest in a charcoal filter, reverse osmosis filter, kangen filter, or other source of high quality filtration water.

3. Try vortexing your water. This can help to increase the level of EZ water

4. Remind yourself: Check out the WaterMinder app!

5. Start and end your day with a glass of water.

6. Never use bottled water: too many toxins and treatments in both the water and bottle

7. If you live near a spring...get your water there.

8. Eat foods high in water.

Cold Exposure and Cold Thermogenesis

This is already starting to sound uncomfortable...

What is Cold Thermogenesis (CT)?

The process of activating brown fat to reduce white fat through the effects of cold exposure. Check out Ben Greenfield's write up on this subject for more information. 

Why is this important to mental and cognitive well-being/performance?

There is research that suggests that cold exposure can improve cognitive well-being and overall mood. Dr. Bongiorno wrote a fascinating article in Psychology Today about this!

Cold is our Teacher

There is nothing greater to connecting with ourselves and the world than exposure to cold. The mind-body connection is what allows Wim Hof to endure extreme cold for long amounts of time. Please check out Wim Hof's Method that focuses on three pillars: Breathing, Cold Exposure, and Mental Focus. 

Case in point...If you want a strong mind-body connection, try cold exposure and cold thermogenesis

Biohacking Tips for Cold Exposure​

1. Learn the Wim Hof Method

2. Start off slow: 30 second cold water showers

3. Work up to 1-3 minute cold showers

4. Try an ice bath (but only under supervision and cleared by a medical professional)

5. Try cryotherapy: Click here to learn more about cryotherapy.

6. Go outside barefoot when it is cold

7. Check out some biohacking gear like the Cool Fat Burner here.


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