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Dr. Wiles offers a unique set of consultative services, ranging from individual consultation, speaking engagements, and organizational consultation. Dr. Wiles hopes to partner with you and your organization to bolster these skills in an effort to improve and optimize personal health and healthcare and/or offer clinicians a new skillset to implement in an increasingly desired integrative healthcare system.

According to the NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH; June 2016), more than 30% of Americans utilize integrative health approaches and this number is rapidly growing. Do you want to get ahead of the game and take charge of your health?  

Primary Consultative Services Rendered:

  • Nutritional Psychology: How what we eat impacts our mental well-being

  • Mindfulness meditation and Mindfulness-based modalities

  • Program development and evaluation for complementary and integrative health services

  • Optimizing health outcomes through integrative health services

Nutritional Psychology

Interested in learning more about personal nutritional psychology or how to implement this in your practice?

Mindfulness Meditation

Interested in learning more about personal practice of mindfulness or how to implement this in your practice?

Integrative Health

Interested in learning more about integrative health services or how to implement this in your practice?

Program Development

Interested in learning more about how to develop and implement new integrative health programs in your practice?

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