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On This Episode of Mindhacker's Radio:

  • Matt and Jay Discuss:

    • Light as the Foundation for Health

    • Matt's Light Diet Protocol

    • Negative Effects of nnEMF exposure

    • How Food Might Not Be the Foundation of Health

    • Much More!

Matt Maruca Biography:

Matt Maruca is a passionate pursuant in educating others on how we can use quantum physics and biology to prevent and reverse chronic illness. Matt is here today to talk to us about the role that light plays in our health, this field is called photobiology or photobiomodulation. If you listened to my Top 10 Hacks for Stress podcasts, you will remember that my number one “hack” is to get more direct, untainted sunlight. Matt has spent his time in the trenches learning from the highest authorities and experts in photobiology, like Dr. Jack Kruse. From his own personal health struggles, Matt has turned from a solely nutritional focus to examining light as the foundation of health and wellness. This guy has a serious level of knowledge in this field, not to mention that he is only 20 years old! In his spare time, he runs arguably the best and highest-end blue light blocking glasses company called Ra Optics. 

Where you find Matt:

Matt Maruca Instagram: @thelightdiet

Ra Optics: BEST Blue Light Blocking Glasses on the Market! (Coupon Code: docwiles)

Podcast Topics of Discussion/Resources:

  1. Matt's Podcast w/ Ben Greenfield

  2. Matt's Podcast w/ Luke Storey

  3. Magnetico Sleep Pad

  4. Article on Health Benefits of Sunlight

  5. Ra Optics: COUPON CODE: docwiles

  6. Dr. Jack Kruse: Light, Water, Magnetism

  7. Satchin Panda: The Circadian Code

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