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On This Episode of Mindhacker's Radio:

  • Introduction to Jimmy Moore

  • Jimmy Moore Biography

  • Jimmy's upcoming sabbatical

  • Biohacking w/ Jimmy

  • Power of Stress and Social Media

Jimmy Moore, the international best-seller of the book titled “Keto Clarity” and his newest book is called “Keto Clarity Cookbook.” Jimmy has been in the health and wellness scene for over 15 years and has been an outspoken advocate for a low-carb, high fat, moderate protein ketogenic diet. He is the host of many top podcasts including his flagship podcast the “Livin La Vida Low Carb Show,” he also has a few other podcasts such as “Nutritional Pearls,” “Keto Talk” and “KetohackingMD.” You can also find Jimmy on instagram where he does his daily show Jimmy Rants, which are quite funny and educational (good to have a nice balance of the two), so check him out there. Lastly, one of the things that I like about Jimmy is that he has moved well beyond just focusing on nutrition and also focuses on how we can change environment in or to change our biology, which we may refer to as biohacking. 

In this podcast we reference a host of Jimmy's books and places you can find him!:


Keto Clarity Cookbook

Complete Guide To Fasting

Real Food Keto

Jimmy's Primary Website w/ All Podcasts

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