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An Understanding of Health Promotion

(or Health Prevention) 

and Healthcare (or Disease-care)?

Modern medicine is predicated upon this simple idea: If you are sick, the resolve is simple...we have a medication for you. This paradigm is rampant among Western Medicine, but has consistently failed. You are overweight? Answer: Move more, eat less. You have high cholesterol? Answer: Here is a statin. Time and time again, the answer coming from modern medicine practitioners is to ameliorate symptoms via pharmacological means...and again and again, this has failed.


How about instead of treating symptoms, we treat root causes? How about instead of rewarding sickness, we reward health? What would our health system look like?


Maybe the answer isn't to move more and eat less? What if we were not evolved for this? 


These are the questions that Dr. Wiles and many others in the field of evolutionary, holistic, integrative, and functional medicine grapple with on a daily basis.


Where will you start on your journey to healing? 

“We were fortunate to have Dr. Wiles deliver an all-day training on nutritional psychology to approximately 150 health workers in our community. He was professional, engaging, and informative. The feedback on the training was excellent as participants emphasized how useful the training will be for their work and personal life”

-Dr. Preston Visser: Frontier Health Services

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