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On This Episode of Mindhacker's Radio:

  • Brandon and Jay Discuss:

    • What is EMF?

    • Why is EMF deleterious to humans?

    • Is EMF removal possible and even potentially detrimental?

    • Blushield and Scalar Technology

    • Much more!

Brandon Amalani Biography:

Brandon Amalani  has been involved in the wellness industry for 20 years with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism. He is the founder and owner of Shen Blossom and Blushield Global USA. Brandon is dedicated to helping people elevate their conscious awareness and health utilizing time honored and modern methods and tools.


Where you find Brandon and Blushield

(code: docwiles):

Blushield Products (Scalar): (COUPON CODE: DOCWILES)

Dr. Wiles' Blushield Cube for Whole Home Use: (COUPON CODE: DOCWILES)

Dr. Wiles' Blushield Portable Unit: (COUPON CODE: DOCWILES)

Blushield Instagram

Podcast Topics of Discussion/Resources:

What is Scalar Technology?

Blushield Effects via Human Blood Cell Analysis

Blushield Effects via Human Urine Analysis

Blushield Effects in Poultry Farm Study

Blushield Effects on Dairy Cow Somatic Cell Count Tests

EMF Portal

Lambs Radiation Proof Boxers!

Please make sure that you submit a question to Dr. Wiles:

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