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On This Episode of Mindhacker's Radio:

  • Dr. Ted and Jay Discuss:

    • Health Optimization 

    • Functional Medicine Problems

    • Biohacking vs. Bionthacking

    • Nootropics

    • and much more!

Dr. Ted Achacoso Biography:

 Dr. Ted is the guy who created the first ever connectome and is also responsible for introducing the world to the terms “artificial ethology” and “computational neuroethology," as well as created and commercialized the first wireless groupware for mobile devices. He graduated from college at the age of 18 and was done with his Doctor of Medicine degree at age of 22. He started off in interventional neuroradiology and was a research professor of pharmacology and toxicology. He then became a clinical professor in neurology. When he was 28, he became a professor of medical informatics and neuro- interventional radiology. At the ripe age of 45 he decided, screw all that stuff, I’m get into antiaging medicine and specialized in interventional endocrinology and nutritional medicine, of which he became board-certified. If you peruse the interwebs, you will see that Dr. Ted is the author of many peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, as well as someone who holds US patents and still performs a lot of training for students. He currently has a tri-continental practice in Health optimization medicine and practice which we will discuss further, but this is a clinical framework that he has pioneered in order to include health management and disease management practice.

Where you find Dr. Ted:

Health Optimization Medicine and Practice

Troscriptions: BLUE CANNATINE! (Dr. Wiles' favorite Nootropic)

Biobalance Institute 

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