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On This Episode of Mindhacker's Radio:

  • Jay Discusses:

    • What he has been doing during COVID

    • How to Modulate HRV

    • His Current Biohacks of HRV

    • and much more!

Show Notes:


Listen in as Dr. Wiles discusses his new approaches to raising HRV, while giving practical tips for reducing stress, improving recover, and enhancing nervous system functioning!

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Thrive Wellness and Performance

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Resources from Dr. Wiles Mentioned:

Podcast on HRV w/ Ben Greenfield

HRV article on Ben Greenfield Fitness

Podcast w/ Patrick McKeown (Oxygen Advantage) 

Buy Patrick's Book Here: The Oxygen Advantage!

Best HRV Wearable on Planet Earth: Lief Therapeutics use code WILES


Higher Dose Sauna Blanket: coupon code for $75 off!= JAY75 

NuCalm Device

Apollo Neuroscience 

Social Media Handles for Dr. Wiles:

Instagram: @drjaywiles

Facebook: @drjaywiles and @Thrivewellnessandperformane

Please make sure that you submit a question to Dr. Wiles:

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