On This Episode of Mindhacker's Radio:

  • Kayla and Jay Discuss:

    • Personaized biohacking

    • Daily biohacking routines

    • Biohacking for women and women's health

    • Sports performance

    • Much more! 

Kayla Osterhoff Biography:

On today’s show, I have with me Kayla Osterhoff who is the Co-founder of the Womens Biohacking Collective, host of the BioCurious podcast, heath scientist, researcher, professional biohacker, nationally ranked athlete, and Doctoral student of integrative mind-body medicine - Kayla has dedicated her life to sharing useful knowledge, empowering people to take responsibility and control of their health, wellness and life.  She employs a holistic approach across the spectrum of mind-body medicine, biohacking, naturopathy, neuroscience, and functional nutrition to harness their innate power and reach their full potential! 

Where you find Kayla:

Kayla's Podcast Website: BioCurious Podcast

Download the BioCurious Podcast Episodes!

The Women's Biohacking Collective

Kayla's Highly Active Instagram page! 

Podcast Topics of Discussion/Resources:

Gratitude Journal: Five Minute Journal

Atlanta Biohacking Meet Up-Created by Kayla!

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