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Leading Expert in:

-Holistic Mental Health

-Heart Rate Variability      Biofeedback

-Health Coaching

-Stress Mitigation

-Peak Performance

-Nutritional Psychology

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The regulation of all life starts in our cellular "battery packs," also known as Mitochondria. If our mitochondria are not functioning properly, we are not functioning properly. Click here to learn more about how to increase mitochondrial functioning through modifying food, light exposure, exercise, water, sleep, and much, much more!  



Are we fueling true  healthcare or disease-care/management? The status of our  current healthcare system and top-down medical model has resulted in medical catastrophe, to the void of the healthcare recipient. Why is the medical model failing and where do we turn from here--for both medical and mental health care?

Dr. Jay T. Wiles is a Clinical Health and Nutritional Psychologist located in Greenville, SC​.  Dr. Wiles has procured experience in the field of health psychology and nutritional psychology via applied research within both a university and VA medical center setting, as well as through teaching, consulting, and providing patient care. With a passion for integrative and holistic care, Dr. Wiles’ goal is to provide education to healthcare professionals on the bidirectional relationship between what we eat and our psychological and cognitive performance. His desire is to increase this knowledge and awareness that it may result in informed and collaborative shared-decision making, as well as improved quality of patient care that further bolsters health promotion and disease prevention.




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